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Tuesday, May 30 2017 @ 03:26 AM EDT
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New File Searcher by Owner Utility

Scripts & Tools

The Grim Admin is happy to announce a free tool, called File Searcher by Owner, for Microsoft Windows systems that allows you to search for files and folders based on the owner of the object. Since this feature has not been built into any version of Microsoft Windows, prior to this tool you would have to run some crazy command-line hacks like dir /q /s | find /i "domain\username" or try to create your own custom batch file, a rather tedious task.

File Searcher by Owner is a simple to use utility that allows you to search for local or network shared files and folders by a local or domain user or group. Features include:

  • Support for UNC paths
  • Export to comma-separated (CSV) file
  • Preserves right-click context menu for files & folders
  • Portable and lightweight

Click Here for Details and Download

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VBScript: Find Active Directory Account Expiration Dates

Scripts & Tools

Often it is useful to create a listing of when accounts in a Microsoft Active Directory organizational unit (OU) are set to expire. For example, if you plan to lower the time between forced password changes, it is good to know which accounts may be affected by the change. You can open the outputted file from our sample VBScript in Microsoft Excel or Calc and sort and recalculate dates based on the new maximum password age. Read further for the example code and output format...

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New MAC Address Lookup Tool

Scripts & Tools

We now have a tool that lets you find what company owns a registered media access control address (MAC address). This could be useful in identifying the manufactuer of a networked device based on its organizationally unique identifier (OUI).


We hope you find the MAC Address Lookup Tool useful!