20 Apple Snow Leopard Annoyances (and their solutions)

Luis Villazon has submitted an article at TechRadar UK that outlines some of the more annoying issues that people may run across while using Apple's Mac OS X Snow Leopard operating system (next to the issues with NTLM, of course). It's a nice compilation with some of the solutions being the harder ones to figure out (e.g., tracking down a corruption issue with Smart Groups in Address Book). The annoyances:


  1. Exposé leaves windows in the background
  2. Can I stop the screensaver from closing?
  3. I can't log in as root user when using Terminal
  4. My Time Machine backups are broken
  5. Files don't open in the right application
  6. How can I change the Stacks display?
  7. How do I get a Stack's items to be highlighted on mouseover?
  8. Can keyboard shortcuts open applications?
  9. Address Book and Mail crash at the same time!
  10. Exposé doesn't work on the Dock when I'm using Spaces
  11. Where have some of the preferences gone?
  12. How can I find and open a single hidden file?
  13. How do I get rid of the blue glow in Exposé?
  14. The icons from the menu bar have vanished
  15. Snow Leopard won't install on the hard disk
  16. Can line breaks be added in Text Substitution?
  17. I can't change application icons
  18. QuickTime X won't auto-play
  19. I can't run Windows apps via Parallels
  20. QuickTime videos simply refuse to play

 If you want the solutions, you'll have to head on over to techradar.com and read the article 20 Snow Leopard annoyances solved.

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