Apple Security Questions (And How to Reset Them)

Havening Problems

Trying to log into an Apple ID, I was met with the request to answer a couple security questions. Of course, I document and encrypt not only my login information when I create accounts, but all the relevant information such as account numbers, email address on file, and... security questions. I had 5 security questions and answers written down for this account, but one of the questions that I was asked was not in my list. Okay. That's weird. I can't log in Apple. Thanks.

But, thinking about it perhaps I made a mistake in documenting or clicked the wrong dropdown. So, I try a couple of my other answers to different questions for my "First Pet". After two failed attempts I decided I didn't want to lock myself out. I clicked the button to reset security questions and they prompt me with an option to... answer security questions. I was intrigued at how this would work, so I clicked it. From there I was prompted with... a SINGLE security question. I answered that one and then it allowed me to choose three new security questions and answers for the account.

So, Apple ID people: Why do I need TWO security questions answered correctly to log in, but only ONE security question answered correctly to reset my security questions?

And so, I think either Apple or I were havening problems.

Just as an update, to get around ANY security questions, all you need to do is log into an iOS device, such as an iPad, with the Apple ID (which does NOT require any security questions answered). Then go to reset your Apple ID security questions at and choose to have a code sent to your device. Bam! Reset :-)

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Thanks a lot man! I got my Apple ID locked due to some reasons I was then able to reset it finally after so much mess.