File Searcher By Owner 2.0 Released!


After many years, we've released the next version of File Searcher by Owner!

File Searcher by Owner is the number one utility for finding files and folders owned by a particular user or group.

Download File Searchver by Owner 2.0

Much of the code has been rewritten and there are a number of new features in this release:

Version (2020-05-15)

  • General
    • New major version 2.x
    • Upgrade .NET to 4.5.1
  • Bug/Security Fixes
    • None
  • New Features
    • Added filename column to search list view
    • Dropdown at bottom right to convert from bytes to kB (kilobyte), KiB (kibibyte), MB (megabyte), MiB (mebibyte), etc. all the way up to YB (yottabyte) and YiB (Yobibyte)
    • Easily set owner on found files from the search list view
    • Logging - click red (i) button at top-right

Known Issues

  • Minor: Right-click "Send To" options fail to work
  • Minor: Option to convert owner string from SID/SAM to User Principal Name (UPN) is unavailable when run on a Domain Controller or non-domain computer

Upcoming Features

  • Search all files in a directory and see the current owners.
  • Search for multiple owners at the same time.
  • Save log file (for now you need to copy and paste the text to another platform or app)
  • Add path & owner to log of searches
  • Add date created/modified/accessed fields

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