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Screensaver Operations, an application for Microsoft Windows systems that allows you to perform configurable actions after a computer has been left idle for a specified amount of time (e.g., log off, shut down), is now available in Windows Installer format (MSI) so you can easily install it or deploy it through Group Policy or other means.

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Just deployed this in my office it works wonders thanks.
Same here. Excellent tool.

Thank you so very much!
Glad you found it useful!
My group policy is working. But only as "log off". I need "force log off". Am I forgetting to change a setting?
Hello. I'm glad you found the software useful. The default option if you don't change anything is to log off (non-force). To change that to forced log off, you can use the configuration window or change the EWX_ExitFlag value in the registry to 4. More detailed information can be found in the included README file that came with the download or on our Website at
I'm having the problem where no registry values are being entered in, so I can't edit them.
If you use the screensaver settings dialog, it will put the registry keys into the HKCU area. If you need to put items in the HKLM area, you will have to create those manually, via scripts, or using Group Policy Preferences.
Is there any way to add the configurable settings to a group policy adm template? I also would like to change the settings but am deploying this to hundreds of computers.
Hi guys,

first I have to say: Thanks for this great tool. I use it, but I've got one problem. It would be nice if the username would be displayed. For example i could use the windows variable %username% in the CustomMessage or something like that... Could you insert this function in it?
That would be really nice!

many greetings
I can add that variable to the list pretty easily. I wonder if it would be useful to also add the FQDN and unqualified domain names and maybe the computer name as well.
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