What My Users Have Taught Me - Part 1

Havening Problems

The logical is of course illogical. User's suppositions are truth. Common sense is for the herd and must be shunned. Part 1.


I am fortunate to be in the position where most of our users are a pleasure to work with and even if they aren't completely computer savvy, they tend do very well with what knowledge they have. Still, we all have our off days and sometimes I see actions or receive comments that illicit a "huh?" response. Most of the time when I respond with a "have you tried..." they realize what happened and we have a good laugh and go on our merry way. Other times... well, go ahead and read on.

  1. There isn't, never has been, nor ever will be any reason to believe it doesn't work because you forgot to check the batteries.
  2. You can fit an entire gummy bear beneath the backspace key... on a laptop.
  3. When a user says they are plugged into the network, they are merely saying that there is a wireless access point in the same room as them.
  4. The correct way to use a SD to USB adapter is to plug the empty adapter into the USB port at the rear of your laptop and place the SD card into a random slot at the front of the laptop.
  5. Google is the Internet.
  6. The best way to type an e-mail is if the font is the same color as the background.
  7. Even though there is a "do not show me this message again" button, clicking the "remind me later" button thirty times and then complaining about annoying messages makes more sense.
  8. It should be possible to attach a file to a received e-mail even before clicking reply.
  9. The only way to open a file, no matter what type, is through Excel's open dialog window.
  10. That I should remember, off the top of my head, how something was done five years ago. And no, it doesn't matter that I've been working here for only three years.
  11. I can tell you, without looking at your computer, what happened to that file you saved three weeks ago even though you have no idea where you saved it, what you called it, or what program you used to create it with.


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Here's one:  Everything can be reduced to double-click simplicity with enough programming, but sometimes it's just NOT simple enough when they ask what their suppose to click on again! 

"Did you attach the file?"

"Ohhh, you mean did I paperclip it?"


"How big is the file?"

"I don't know, I do remember it had over 100 M... Bs though"

I have always liked the melodramatic expression "nothing works" from users.

Example: "I got in this morning and turned on my computer but *nothing works!*"

Usually this expression means something like "ok so my computer works and actually, most things on my computer work, but this one routine thing that I do is not working the way it usually does."
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