Who Needs Proper Grammar in Education?

This submission comes directly from an e-mail that was sent out to a number of technology and education professionals through a listserv posting. There are a number of mailing lists out there that I feel are great resources to have at the educational technology field members' disposal that help to feed on others' ideas and experience in using IT to benefit the quality of education in schools. These people often have many years experience and offer great insight, so when postings come around that are clearly missing basic sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, etc. and especially the ability to convey thoughts and ideas in a meaningful way, I am really taken aback. The following submission, as an example, was so poorly written it made my head hurt. And that's how I knew I had to file it away under 'Havening Problems.' Read on and let the hilarity ensue...

Subject: Forms online


Does any of you has forms online ? I am looking for a software that can help me build an on line forms . Application forms , immunization records and so on . If you are using any and is not that expensive , will you please let me know . Is their any software that can be integrated with blackbaud other than infosnap. 


[name removed]


The use of large words such as 'immunization' and 'integrated' really throws me for a loop, but a simple F7 in Word should have fixed most of this up so we still have a major "fail" here. I'm just thankful that everyone on my team knows how to write a basic query e-mail!


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