File Searcher By Owner 2.0 Released!

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After many years, we've released the next version of File Searcher by Owner!

File Searcher by Owner is the number one utility for finding files and folders owned by a particular user or group.

Download File Searcher by Owner 2.0

Much of the code has been rewritten and there are a number of new features in this release:

Version (2020-05-15)

  • General
    • New major version 2.x
    • Upgrade .NET to 4.5.1
  • Bug/Security Fixes
    • None
  • New Features
    • Added filename column to search list view
    • Dropdown at bottom right to convert from bytes to kB (kilobyte), KiB (kibibyte), MB (megabyte), MiB (mebibyte), etc. all the way up to YB (yottabyte) and YiB (Yobibyte)
    • Easily set owner on found files from the search list view
    • Logging - click red (i) button at top-right

Known Issues

  • Minor: Right-click "Send To" options fail to work
  • Minor: Option to convert owner string from SID/SAM to User Principal Name (UPN) is unavailable when run on a Domain Controller or non-domain computer

Upcoming Features

  • Search all files in a directory and see the current owners.
  • Search for multiple owners at the same time.
  • Save log file (for now you need to copy and paste the text to another platform or app)
  • Add path & owner to log of searches
  • Add date created/modified/accessed fields

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