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Code Editors & IDEs

Here you will find a list of our favorite code editors in order by language. While some focus one only a single programming language, most have features that assist in programming in many different coding languages so we will often list the same editor under different language headings.

Please keep the list alphabetical.

General Editors Compatible With Multiple Languages

  1. Visual Studio Code - Free, open source and cross-platform code editor from Microsoft. It's actually one of the best editors out there for many languages through the use of extensions. For example, this is the go-to editor for PowerShell editing, replacing the Windows PowerShell IDE.
  2. EditPad Pro & EditPad Lite & - Compact, extremely configurable, general-purpose text editor with large file support. Many advanced text editors only cater to programmers. EditPad Pro will automatically enable coding features when you are editing source code, and will automatically enable other writing features when you are editing other text files.



  1. PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) - Note: The PowerShell ISE is no longer in active feature development. As a shipping component of Windows, it continues to be officially supported for security and high-priority servicing fixes and Microsoft currently has no plans to remove the ISE from Windows. It only supports the 5.x version of PowerShell and there is no support for the ISE in PowerShell v6 and beyond (which is the cross-platform side-by-side PowerShell. Users looking for replacement for the ISE should use Visual Studio Code with the PowerShell Extension.
  2. PowerShell Studio (Paid License)
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