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 +====== How-To: Pin a Document File or Folder (Rather Than Just a Program) to the Start Menu or Taskbar ======
 +===== Overview =====
 +Windows 7 has a really awesome feature that [[http://​​windows/​windows-7/​features/​pin.aspx|allows you to pin programs]] to your Start Menu or Taskbar. In addition, you can pin files to the jump list for that program, which lets you right-click on the program (on the Taskbar) or click the jump list arrow (on the Start Menu) to access frequently used files for that particular program. Unfortunately,​ you cannot pin documents or other non-program files to the Start Menu or Taskbar directly like you used to be able to do in older versions of Windows (e.g., by using the Quick Launch toolbar). Fortunately,​ there is still a way to make a one-click shortcut to open a specified file or folder.
 +===== Procedure =====
 +  - Create a temporary shortcut to the program that you want to open the file with
 +    * If you find the program'​s executable, just hold **Alt** and drag the executable into empty space to easily create a shortcut
 +  - **Right-click** on the shortcut and select **Properties**
 +  - In the **Target** text box, append a __space__ and then the __file location__ after the executable
 +    * Note: If you have spaces in any path, //make sure you surround the path in double quotes//
 +    * Example Document File: ''"​C:​\Program Files\Program ABC\ABC.exe"​ "​C:​\Documents\mydocument.doc"''​
 +    * Example Folder: ''"​C:​\Windows\Explorer.exe"​ "​C:​\Users\Public\Desktop"''​
 +  - Change the shortcut'​s icon or any other properties
 +  - Click **OK** to save the changes to the shortcut
 +  - Rename the shortcut appropriately
 +  - **Right-click** on the shortcut and choose to **Pin to Start Menu** or **Pin to Taskbar**
 +    * Alternately,​ you can drag-and-drop the shortcut onto the Start Menu or Taskbar
 +  - That's it -> it's now safe to delete the temporary shortcut
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