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 +====== Inking Applications for Tablet PCs ======
 +Here you will find a list of computer apps that support handwriting and inking using a Tablet PC or similar device with pen or touch input capabilities. These programs are not just ink-aware, but are written around using pen or touch input devices.
 +//Please keep the list alphabetical.//​
 +  * Einstein Technologies Tablet Enhancements for Outlook (TEO) http://​​teo/​
 +  * Gournal http://​​old-stuff/​gournal/​
 +  * Jarnal http://​​
 +  * Microsoft InkSeine http://​​en-us/​um/​redmond/​projects/​inkseine/​
 +  * Microsoft OneNote http://​​en-us/​onenote/​
 +  * Microsoft Windows Journal http://​​windowsxp/​using/​tabletpc/​russel_03january20.mspx
 +  * NoteLab http://​​homepage.html
 +  * Xournal http://​​
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