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NOTE: This is the final version that will be released that is natively compatible with older .NET versions 2.0 & 3.5. If you are on a newer version of Windows (8.1/Server 2008 SP2 or newer), please download the 2.x version of SSO.

Screensaver Operations allows you to perform configurable actions after a computer has been left idle for a specified amount of time. This version is zipped for simple download and includes both the standalone and MSI format versions for easy installation or deployment.

This download will run natively on older operating systems such as Windows XP, 2008 & 2008 R2. It will also run on machines running newer versions of Windows that have installed .NET Framework 3.5 (which includes .NET Framework 2.0 service pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.0 service pack 1).
Version: : 1.6.3
Date: Jun.15.2020
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Not sure why Microsoft doesn't think of these kind of things ahead of time. You would think something so easy would be available as a group policy option. I constantly deal with software vendors who can't think past 10 or even 1 user. They have no concept of central management when it comes to updates, user and computer settings. This is a great program you've developed. I'm currently testing it in my domain environment. I think it is going to provide just what I need.

I would like to know what is the recommended file size of screensaver. We need to deploy on a mix of XP and windows 7 client machines in a domain environment.

The client machines should not have any performance issues after deploying the screensaver. The timeout will be 3 minutes after which the screen locks.

Please, I need the program in other language, it,s possible?
Yes I agree with the first post this is a great app and should be part of the standard feature set for windows, why cant MS think of such simple ideas that are obvious, how many companies like leaving logged in machines idle for any amount of time where anyone can jump on and do what they want
I'm using this screensaver under Windows 7 64bit and it works perfectly. My only other need is to be able to shutdown the PC at the logon window, after 15 mins of inactivity. I tried using the HKLM settings and hacking HKEY_USERS\.Default to pint to the screensaver. It comes up but won't power the PC off. It just returns to the login window. Any solutions?
I am glad you found the software useful. When writing this, I didn't think about the possibility of using it at the login screen, but can certainly look into making it work there in one of the upcoming updates. If you have any further requests or bug reports, feel free to submit them using the site's messaging system.
Have you tried with you power option? That will shut you down after a specified period of inactivity
Good Windows 7 replacement for ActiveSaver. However, I do miss one feature. In Active Saver, you could hide the Shut Down button and just have the cancel button. I am concerned that people will hit the Shut Down button by mistake and lose data.
The newest beta has the ability to hide the action button and only show Cancel. The beta release of Screensaver Operations is available on our forums at Reminder: Please post requests or issues to our forums or send us a message directly here.
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Great little utility...does what is supposed to do and does it well.

Not a big issue but would it be possible to have the size of the message box grow according to the size of the font?

I changed the font size on the warning box to 16pt and I noticed that the message box did not grow enough to show all the text. It was cutoff off BEFORE the countdown portion and so it looked real strange.
Seems like just what I needed, but it appears I'm a bit over my head. Running Win 7 64 bit. Trying to get users who leave their sessions open to be shut down after a specified time. I ran the .msi that came with it and it seemed to install fine, but will not force shutdown users/apps.
I looked into the instructions for using HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (HKLM) to make this happen but this key is not found in my registry: KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\\Screensaver Operations
Only goes to Wow6432Node ... lots of other software there but not GrimAdmin. I'm not comfortable enough to create an .msi of my own but can add or modify specific keys if they are there.
Can you advise or is there an .msi already built which I can install? thanks!
The installer is not programmed to create any registry keys for settings (doesn't make sense to). What you can do is use the Windows Screen Saver Settings GUI and save the options you want. This will place the settings in the correct area for the logged in user (HKCU). If you want you can migrate those settings to HKLM instead, with the rest of the registry path the same.
Hi Jeff,

You need to create the missing keys yourself. You seem capable of editing keys or dword values so ot should be a problem of right click and create key or dword value.
You can also copy my keys:
Begin: copy the line below into a new notepad file and save with extention .reg (control panel=>folder options=> show extentions for know file types (so turn off the hide) to make sure you create a reg fiel and not a txt file

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\\Screensaver Operations]


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\\Screensaver Operations]

End (do not copy this line in the reg file.
Now double click the file and there are your keys and dword. Change to your own linkings.


We intend to use this in a VDI environment to disconnect idle sessions, thus freeing up shared zero clients, therefore instead of shutting down the workstation, we waant to start a process 'tsdiconn.exe' this will cleanly disconnect the session and leave the zero client available for the next user. This works perfectly, however the label on the button is 'Start Process' , is there any way to dictate what this button says, ideally we would set it to 'Disconnect'. (Also ideally changing the title from 'Windows is Starting a process...' would be nice.

Thanks for providing this.


In our environment there is a vbs script, which closes unauthorized exe-s immediately, namely it allows specified exe-s. We need to know, which executable need to run to make this fantastic idea (screensave) work. Please tell me which process U use for logging off the user.

Hi vbs user,

Why a vbs that checks for exe's?
Start using software policies or applocker. This way your unwanted exe's, com's, cmd's, vbs,dll are not even allowed to run.
As far as I know the executable of a screensaver is not an exe but the screensaver name itself. (*.scr). But I am unsure.

Best regards,

Works as promised, thanks! We plan to use in a VDI environment for a public lab, and the PCs need to logoff after "a specified number" of minutes of inactivity.

Screensaver Operations works great under Windows 7 - but only if the monitor power is on. Is it possible to turn the monitor off for example after 20 minutes idle time and activate an Screensaver Operations logoff after 60 minutes idle time? Of course it would be great if the screen is reactivated when the countdown window appears.
Thank you very much!
How can i make this a mandatory screen saver for one computer with a multiple users.
Use local group policy:
start =>run=>GPedit.msc press enter.
You may probably need at least windows 7 pro, ent or ultimate, to run local group policy editor but I am not sure.

Another way if you do not have gpedit.msc is to set the screensaver as you normaly do a manual setup.
Export the 3 following regkeys from your registry (HKCU, control panel, desktop: ScreenSaveActive,ScreenSaveTimeOut,SCRNSAVE.EXE.
(Copy the whole key and remove all but the 3 keys
Create a batch file that imports the reg file (reg import "c:\whatever folder\my regkey.reg" and put this batch in the all users startup folder(C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup)


We used to use winexit.scr (like everyone else probably) but with Win7 Ent64 it was just too much work to deal with in a large educational lab environment here at school. I scripted a quick deployment of the .scr to our machines, changed three settings in the GPO (defined which .scr to use, 14 minute timeout, and users not allowed to screw with screensavers) and it works great. I like the splash screen that warns the user the machine is logging off. I like the simple winexit functionality we regained for Win7/8. And I like how easy it was to deploy and use; I tried creating a scheduled to task calling shutdown.exe but system idle would constantly get reset and your keyboard/mouse idle state is just a lot easier/better to work with.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great work.
The readme mentions an admx that is included. When I look in the zip file I don't see an admx file. When I install the msi I don't see that an admx is placed on my machine either. Am I missing something?
on first page > UPDATE (2013-04-05): 1.4 has been released. ADM files are in the works still. Note that following Microsoft's installations standards has forced us to create separate 32-bit and 64-bit MSI installers. Both versions should upgrade the previous 1.3 install without issues (assuming you previously used the MSI to install).

but its been a year + .. so yeah.. :D theyre missing.
It will only lock the screen for me and not do the full log off. I have tested it on Server 2008 R2 and also Server 2012
The client machines should not have any performance issues after deploying the screensaver. The timeout will be 3 minutes after which the screen locks. Toulouse
It will only log off the local admin account, domain accounts it just lock it as well for me.

Anyone have any ideas?
After install, how do you launch the GUI?
Ah. found it in the read me.
Run the "Screensaver Operations.scr" before using gpedit or setting registry.
I was looking through the README file and wasn't able to find anything, more than likely missed it, but does this log the user off if the screen is locked, or does it consider it some sort of activity?
Anyone on this one? In a Public area we want users to lock the desktop when they leave the computer to pick up printouts, leave for the toilet or other short periods. If the computer is not used for x minutes by a logged in user, we want to log off this user and maybe reboot the machine. Is this scr the solution?
During the Screen-Off a Logout with the Popup is not possible nor usefull (you can't see anything :-).

This Registry Setting works (alternatively to the "Log Off (Force)" you can run the shutdown.exe enabled by RunProcessEnabled).
No other Registry entries required!

<<--- cut here --->>
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\\Screensaver Operations]
"RunProcessArguments"="/l /f"
"CustomTitleText"="Windows Abmeldung"
"CustomMessage"="Windows hat eine längere Inaktivität festgestellt. Windows wird nun %user_name% abmelden, wenn nicht Cancel innerhalb von %time_remaining% Sekunden gedrückt wird."
Is there a way to stop the processing of the screensaver action once no one is logged into the device? Everything works like a charm except for the fact that even though no one is logged in and the device is at the CTRL ALT DEL screen, it still goes through the log-off process/screensaver when the timeout occurs. So in my case, timeout is 5 minutes and every 5 minutes, the screen saver message comes up and then it logs "nobody" off the system as there is no one logged in.
I have set the GPO as directed, forced a gpupdate on the server, and also forced the update to the OU. I am not seeing any of the settings in the screensaver option, unless I change myself. The policy I am trying to set is for a bank of kiosk machines that i want to log out after 10 min of idle