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Hi All.
Testing the Grimmadmin screen saver and it works really nicely on windows 10 with group policy except for one issue
When I locked the computer the screen then goes to sleep and when this occurs forced log off doesnt work.
It doesnt matter what powers saving settings are set for display the issue still occurs.
After some investigation I found that the answer is related to the following settings:
powercfg.exe /setacvalueindex SCHEME_CURRENT SUB_VIDEO VIDEOCONLOCK which is set to 1 minute by default.
Now I can change this using a scheduled task, however when I set it to 90 mins (our screensaver is 60 ons) it never sleeps. Ever.
This then brings up a nother issue because now I have machines monitors not sleeping and consuming more power.
I wonder if anyone else had come across this issue and found a solution.
Greg Turnbull


Grim Hatchling
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