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I have installed the newest version of Screen Saver in a Win10 v1803 environment.

The File is stored in c:\windows\system32\ScreenSaver_Operations.scr using GPO.

Then I have registry items all configured for Forced logoff. Everything works when I DO NOT have a website running without video -> example www.google.com, in this instance the screen saver.scr window appears and apps like word, excel are logoff properly. BUT when I open youtube and leave video running the screen saver never appears.

I have confirmed that this is related win10 and any video in a browser - does not matter if its Firefox, Chrome, or Edge. If you pause the video the ScreenSaver_Operations.scr works. Please any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Drew,

Can you test with any other screen savers to see if the results are the same?

Screen Saver Operations depends on the built-in screensaver functionality in Windows.

You can try the policy as indicated at https://techjourney.net/chrome-prevents-windows-from-going-into-sleep-standby-or-hibernation-mode/

Allow Applications to Prevent Automatic Sleep (On Battery)
Allow Applications to Prevent Automatic Sleep (Plugged In)

There is likely a registry item for these policies too.

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