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I have deployed Screensaver Operations through Group Policy at my company and It works great!

My only issue is that I would like to be able to also set a Force Log Off through a GPO.

This is minor but I would also like to be able through Group Policy to Set the default countdown message delay and change the message display through Group Policy.

A Group Policy *.adm would be great for this program.


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We did not create any ADMs because we felt Group Policy Preferences (GPP) was sufficient. If you can get a Windows 2008 or newer server on your domain (the domain schema doesn't have to be updated) or even just a Windows 7 client, you should be able to use Group Policy Preferences to set the registry values from those computers using the Group Policy Management Console. It is very versatile and customizable. We hope everyone starts using GPP because it is one of the best tools to set registry values, install shared printers, etc. with only a Windows domain and no special software.

Here is an article a quick Web search responded with that gives an overview of GPP: http://www.windowsecurity.com/articles/Group-Policy-related-changes-Windows-Server-2008-Part3.html

Hope this helps!

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