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Hi there,

Really like the app - very useful when trying to get users to clean up network drives.

Wondering if you have ever considered providing the ability to select additional fields in the results, for example Date Modified and Date Accessed would be usefull in helping a user determine whether or not they nreally need said file any longer. It would be great of these were selectable by the user running the tool instead of being hard coded.

Also, if you could select Owner as a column in the results it would be useful for admins to be able to run the tool with no user selected in order to basically search all the files in the entire directory and then sort the results by Owner. This would be a major time saver when figuring out where to start when trying to clean up a network share to free up space.


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Both those suggestions sound reasonable. I will try to work them into future updates.

Thanks for trying out the software!


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