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I've been testing out Screensaver Operations recently with a view to using it at the charity I work for, it's a great little product and much easier to use than trying to use WinExit, however, please could you clarify how to manage the scenarios below as I'm having trouble configuring it do so.

The way we'd like to operate is that if a user hasn't used their computer in 3 mins and has left it "unlocked" then it will force any open applications to terminate and either Log Off/Shutdown.

However, if the user's pc is "locked" and they haven't used their pc after 3 mins of inactivity we'd like it to do nothing.

I'm having trouble configuring it around this scenario, can you provide any assistance??



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Even though I replied to you via e-mail, i thought it would make sense to post a reply here as well in case anyone is looking to check to see if the computer is locked. I might actually even write up a quick article for that.


I’m glad you found the software useful. It sounds like you are trying to make interesting use of the program. It’s possible that you can have the screensaver run a script that checks to see if the computer is locked and then have it perform the logoff if necessary, but I’m not actually aware of a WMI command that lets you do that.

You would most likely need to enable logging of lock/unlock events on the computer and check those to see if the computer is locked. I don’t think this is around in XP, but it’s definitely in Windows 7 and probably in Vista. First you would enable the policy Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Advanced Audit Policy Configuration -> System Audit Policies – Local Group Policy Object -> Logon/Logoff -> Audit Other Logon/Logoff Events. Don’t forget to reboot after making the change for it to take effect.

Then you would look in the Security Log. Event 4800 means that the workstation was locked and event 4801 means that the workstation was unlocked. You would filter for those two IDs and then see which one is the most recent to find the lock status of the computer.

Hope this helps!

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