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Hello, thanks for the great piece of software, I'm just having an issue with it that I'm having trouble resolving.

I work at a school and we are trying to deploy this across our domain. I have set the recommended settings in a GPO to force the user to use screensaver operations.scr. Unfortunately when I do this it just locks the screen when the screensaver activates and doesn't popup with the message. Once I disable this in the GPO, screensaver operations works as intended. I've also tried using GPP settings to set the registry setting to force the screensaver and that still causes the problem. Any help with this would be appreciated!

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I have seen in the past that if you are forcing the screensaver to lock (i.e., the "password protect the screen saver" setting) the computer when run, the logoff doesn't work. Try making sure the policy does not set this to enabled or if it does disable it.

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