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I'd really love to have that MSI installer, how is 1.4 doing in beta?

I have only noticed 2 little quirks with 1.4 thus far.. If you deploy registry settings (CustomMessage) via GP then %username% gets resolved when it is copied to the client computer.

Custom message value from GP:
%username% will be logged off in %time_remaining% seconds due to inactivity.

Value on client computers:
MTI-100-1$ will be logged off in %time_remaining% seconds due to inactivity. (MTI-100-1 being the name of the computer.)

In order to use %username% in a GP registry item, you need to use %<username>% instead so it won't get resolved. Not a major problem by any means, but someone is bound to ask about it eventually.. However, if you deploy the registry key with the user config instead of the computer config then I doubt anyone ever notices!

Correct usage from a GP registry item:
%<username>% will be logged off in %time_remaining% seconds due to inactivity.

The other thing I noticed: The CustomMessage input box is not grayed out in the settings window when it is defined in HKLM w/ LocalMachineOverride enabled. You can edit the message currently and the message is saved to the HKCU. Whenever you open the settings window a second time it reverts to the HKLM version as it should. I don't know if I would really consider this a bug, but graying it out would be good practice imo. (To prevent strange and odd messages from getting saved to the registry in the event LocalMachineOverride is ever disabled.)


Thank you very much for providing us with this software! Its fantastic!

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Yes! I just posted something here: http://www.grimadmin.com/article.php/screensaver-operations-news-march-2013

I'll add in another optional variable that won't conflict with the Windows username variable. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll also test the custom message box. It sounds like it's a bug that I need to fix.


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