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I am having an issue with Screensaver operations on three Windows 7 SP1 64 bit workstations. I found the software and it seemed to really fit the bill for the request that the client wanted to do. They have shared workstations and want the workstations to be logged off for the next user to use the workstation. I am using version 1.4 of the software. This is what I have found up to this point. The software installs just fine, and I can configure it, however after the set amount of time for the screensaver is met and passed there is no action. I tested on my Windows 7 32 bit operating system and this is what I found. It works, however when I right click the desktop and personalize the screen saver says Screensaver Operations. On the workstations that are not working when I select the the personalize options the screen saver says None. I am assuming since it says None, the Screensaver Operations will not work. Also on the machines there are two listings for the screen savers on says Screensaver Operations and the other displays as PScreensaver Operations. Any assitance or resolution for thgis would greatly be appreciated.


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Are you using Group Policy or the registry to set the affect users' or computers' screensaver? I think I've seen this cause the screensaver label in the "Personalization" page to say "None" even when it's set. I believe that is just a cosmetic issue and as long as it has the correct item selected after clicking into the "Screen Saver" section it will work. Also, make sure your power settings on these computers do not turn off the monitor prior to the screensaver kicking in, as this would prevent it from running.

As for the other issue, did you have an earlier version of SSO installed on the affected computers? If so, make sure there's not an old version in the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder. The MSI installer should remove any files there if upgrading from an old MSI, but if the files were placed there manually or via script they could still be left over.

My primary test machines are Windows 7 & Windows 8 64-bit and should work correctly (we test on older 32-bit versions of Windows as well).

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