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I am taking care of one computer in an Assisted Living facility. The computer is for the use of the residents of this facility. Because of their habit of just getting up and leaving when they have the info they want or they write an email, forget something ,get up and leave. Or they buy something online and after the purchase is completed they get up and leave with the browser still open.The next user then calls me to help them. I get a lot of calls.

Because of the above I setup individual user accounts with passwords. That alleviated most of the problems. Now, on occasion, a user will get into trouble and just get up and leave. With an unattended, open user account I have the same problem as before. It appears that if they DON'T forget to log off their account everything is OK.

But for those who don't log off I am thinking of putting in your screensaver to force a log off after a period of inactivity. However, I wish the auto-logoff to only work on the account. Once the computer is returned to the account selection page I wish the screensaver is turned off so that inactivity is not measured. I am only concerned about inactivity in user accounts left open..

I need help in setting this up on subject computer. I am not a very experienced admin, just some resident who volunteered that maintains his own computer. The computer that the residents use has a Windows 7 64 bit premier OS.

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