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I may come across as rookie in this environement so any help is appreciated. It is an active directory domain and group policy is set for the domain. I used the installer to install Screensaver operations on a windows 7 box as system administrator and changed the settings to force log off. I then logged on as a test user and the setting was still set to log off (without force). How do I install so all users who log on will have the setting Log off(forced)?

Also, in this environment, only certain computers to log off after idle time, most just need to lock. So there is a group policy to lock computers and a group policy to run screensaver ops. I remove the ability to lock and install SrcnSvr Ops on the computers I want to have logoff. Does this make sense? Computers that do not have Scrnsvr Ops installed will not respond to the GP to launch it and will lock. And the reverse is true of the computers that have lock disabled with Scrnsvr Ops installed.

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