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We offer computer usage in public environment.
To permit our computer-users to have a short brake, we intend to allow users to lock the computer's desktop.
To prevent that users lock the desktop for a longer period we would like to use the screensaver, have a count down and sign them out after 30 Minutes.
Therefore we would like to place a link to the screensaver on the dektop and automatic activate the screenserver after a while.

To allow computer locking, we have to activate "computer locking" in group policies.
Unfortunately this option is bundled with appearance of the lock button on the [strg]+[alt]+[del] screen and the activation of lock function using [windows-key]-[L].

This allows the users to lock the workstation without using the "Screensaver Operations" and the logoff feature.
Any ideas to solve this problem are appreciated.
(Force the user to use the "logoffscreensaver" but prevent the user from locking the computer without the "logoffscreensaver".)


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