Story Submission Guidelines


The core idea behind The Grim Admin is that technology experts have some real knowledge and want to share it with their peers. We welcome you to make use of the story submission features to provide the solutions you found while on the job for problems that the typical research avenues like Web searches and support sites fail to answer. We then tag and index the submitted articles with the appropriate subjects and keywords so that others who are looking for the answer will be able to find it, all thanks to you!

Please refer to the About page for an explanation of the main topic areas at The Grim Admin. Then, share your expertise by creating submissions using the following guidelines.


  • Generally, only post solutions that cannot easily be found by:
    • a simple Web search
    • an article on the software/hardware provider's Knowledge Base
    • an exception to the above restrictions is that, if currently available solutions are either confusing, incoherent or incomplete, it is acceptable to clarify or compile all the information into one logical spot

Scripts & Tools

  • You may submit applications and/or code, but must submit to the following standards:
    • make sure any code is clearly commented, cleanly written, & contains appropriate documentation
    • applications may be submitted with or without source code, but must be made available under a free software license (e.g., GNU GPL, Common Public License, etc.)

Havening Problems

  • Submit entertaining stories from your life as an admin, but please do not:
    • submit personally identifiable information
    • provide information private to a business or other organization
    • use offensive or vulgar language

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