About The Grim Admin

If you've ever spent an entire day searching the Internet for a solution to your database, networking, computer hardware, storage, virtualization, or other IT issue, you know that sometimes the answers you need now aren't always easy to come by. Sometimes your Web searches give you no results. Sometimes, no matter where you look, you keep finding the same answer posted over and over again, but it's not the answer you need. This is where The Grim Admin tries to help: by providing solutions to the tech questions that are hard to solve, but shouldn't be.

If you've found answers to issues that a simple Google or Yahoo search doesn't provide, we encourage you to post your solutions for others.

Looking for your answer? The Grim Admin is here to help. Search the user submitted articles to see if the solution you need is here.

Topic Sections

General News
General topics related to The Grim Admin and technology news of interest to the IT community.

Posted solutions for technology issues that a systems, network, database, storage, security, or website administrator may have a hard time finding using standard tech support and Web searching methods. We encourage you to submit your own solutions to share with others.

Scripts, Tools, & Utilities
Specialized scripts, tools, and utilities that a grim admin may find useful. Examples include VBScript, PowerShell, shell scripts, etc. Downloadable applications may also be provided.

Havening Problems
The fun section of this site. Because we know that no true grim admin can get through the day without a little humor, this is where you can submit funny stories of dumb IT illiterate people whether they're users, managers, clients, or even other IT specialists. If you've never heard of the term "havening," a trip through The Chronicles of George is just what the grim doctor ordered.